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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

You've just entered into our multi-cultural whirlpool of thoughts and observations with me (Steve) and my lovely, brains with a booty wife - Adelina. Our family is powered by the trial and error of raising our boys - Bishop & Deacon. 

We started this blog to introduce our multi-cultural thoughts on life, love, and the pursuit of gratitude.  The name Our Wandering Heart is a reminder & homage to our boys, it's the beautiful struggle of having our heart navigate this ever-evolving world. 

This is fulfilled with open arms, a lot of love, and the deep understanding that though we may originate from different places and also have various experiences, we are ALL parents who want the very same things for our family members, and especially for our children.

Enjoy with an open mind and you potentially may see a different angle on family members, parenthood, love, and connections that are fresh, diverse, fascinating, and also unexpected.

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